The Warm-up before Exercise

October 20 2009

Before you embark on any exercise session it is imperative that you have the correct equipment and warm up. The warm up will prepare your body and mind for the physical exercise your body for the strenious exercise that you will be completing especially if you intention is to complete an intense workout session.

A proper warm up should involve light movement of the major joints including shoulders, spine hips and knees. This will prepare these major joints and internal tendons for excess movement later in the workout. Some people skip the warm up and delve straight into the workout but a good effective workout is important because:

  • Increases you core body temperature - This will reduce potential muscle injuries as the muscle tendons and ligaments will be warmer and more pliable when contracting.
  • Increases the blood flow to the muscles - The greater the volume of blood to the muscles, the greater the amoount of oxygen and gluecose required to maximise exercise routine.
  • Increases Bloodflow to the heart - The greater the volume of blood to the heart, the less chance of exercise induced cardiac problems.
  • Improves the muscle flexibility - A warm muscle will be more flexible and supple that helps it become more efficient during exercise.
  • Prepares the Cardiovascular system for the exercise to be completed - A steady warm up will give your lungs, heart and blood vessels time to meet the demands of the workout, You will quickly become out of breath or fratigued as your body adjusts to the increased workload.
  • Encourages effective oxygen uptake - Warmer muscles enhance the oxy-haemoglobin (chemical combination of oxygen&blood) to break down for use to product the energy required.

As can be seen above a good warm up is an essential element in your exercise routine and should be completed to maximise the benefits you will receive form the exercise completed.


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