The Treadmill - Your Best Friend or a Foe?

October 25 2009

A Good Cardiovascular workout is an essential part of any fitness or weightloss program. As part of a good cardiovascular workout, running or walking is a cheap cost effective way for you to be able to start your new exercise routine. However most of us live a hectic life balancing work committments, family and a exericise routine can become a challenge. The treadmill has developed over the last 20 years to aid the balancing of your hectic life.

The origin of the treadmill was in 1817 to reform prisoners and was called a treadwheel. The machines of today were designed and developed in the 1950's for medical research and diagnosis of heart and lung diseases. Todays models have advanced from these machines however the principle of the treadmill is much the same.

The treadmill consists basically of a conveyor belt, a motor and a frame. The belt moves in a cyclical motion to the rear of the machine allowing the user to walk or run on it.Todays machines are built with a computer to allow the user to program the required constant speed. The speed of the movement in the belt i the speed that the user has to run or walk to stay on the belt. Therefore the user can prgram the right speed or incline to provide the benefits to the body.

The advantages of the Treadmill are many and are categorised in 3 components: As a form of cardiovascular exercise; as an indoor activity; and as a measurement fitness calculator. All three of these advantages have led to many people purchasing this piece of equipment to meet their fitness goals.

As a Caridovascular exercise the benefits the treadmill provides are:
  • As an aerobic exercise that will increase endurance of the body
  • Increase the bodies motabolism to help it burn fats and tone the body
  • Improves the body's waste removal system
  • Reduces the impact on the leg joints as the treadmill deck absorbs some of the impact
As an indoor activity the benefits are:
  • Rain, Hail or too windy you can still work out in a set indoor climate.
  • If the area is not safe or it is late at night then the treadmill can be used in a safe and secure environment.
  • You can use the machine and watch your favourite television show at the same time.
  • It is cost effective in comparison to yearl Gym membership
  • Can fold up to reduce the space taken up.
As a measurement fitness calculator the benefits are:
  • You can set the speed or incline levels to make sure that you maximise the benefits gained.
  • You can measure your exact distance travelled so that you can make sure that you can track the distance covered and set your self goals.
The Disadvantages of the Treadmill are:
  • Small homes have little available space and fitting a treadmill into your home can be a challenge.
  • The cost of a treadmill is quite dear in comparison to running outside which is free.
  • Unless you have a television set up looking at the same room for a period of time can be tedious.
  • People can injur themselves if not used correctly.
The treadmill is an essential peice of cardiovascular equipment for the fitness enthusiest . It solves the problems of finding exercise time in the daily schedule and measures performance over time. The treadmill is an effective tool that can aid your cardiovascular exercise. Whether you buy a treadmill or not to make sure that you exercise regularliy is the most improtant aspect in your new fit lifestyle. If you are in the market for a treadmill or other sporting equipment than check out these prices.


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