Polar F11 Review: An Overall Solid Heart Rate Monitor

December 5, 2010 0 Comments

Those looking for a quality heart rate monitor may be interested in the following Polar F11 review. There are various reasons as to why the Polar F11has been a great seller for Polar, it has won different awards for innovation, and is the trusted choice among many athletes worldwide. It should be noted that there have been quite a few heart rate monitors marketed, that are utilized to help athletes learn more about themselves. However, the Polar F11 HRM is the only one that takes advantage of new technologies to bring this reporting to an advanced easy to understand level.

There are some aspects in particular that make the Polar F11 Heart rate monitor an attractive choice for athletes. These include that it has the keep u fit function; great functionality and features overall; and a compact size. Each of these aspects will be discussed in greater detail below.


The keep u fit function is one of the many bonuses associated with owning a Polar F11. This program allows athletes to enter persoanl information about themselves providing a quick base level fitness test. The HRM computer analyzes this information overall and indicates to athletes how fit they are based on its very own scale. The next part of this process is entirely up to the athlete. He or she can pick out what aspect of his or her fitness routine that needs to be improved. Based on this, keep u fit will develop a fitness program for the athlete to follow to meet specific goals.

The program that keep u fit creates for athletes takes into account how many hours they should exercise and how intense their heart rates should be throughout the workout regimens. The function also creates competition for the athletes against themselves and provides awards on the screen when you succeed. There may not be any cash prizes involved, but these awards may give athletes the motivational push that they need to be successful.

In addition to the keep u fit function, the Polar F11 has great functionality and features in a general sense. This HRM computer keeps tabs on numerous statistics including the number of calories burned, how long exercise sessions are, and heart rate stats. An athlete can pause his or her workout sessions in the event that he or she needs to take a break without taking anything away from the overall statistics.

The Polar F11 HRM also has a compact size that is very convenient for most all athletes. Previous Polar models tended to be big and awkward. While the F11 still is not as small as the typical wrist watch, its transmitter and strap are compact enough not to interfere with an athlete's workout sessions.

The Polar F11 can be found online at many shops as well as in physical retail locations. An Internet search or clicking on one of the advertisements in the article will reveal where these popular heart rate monitors can be found. The Internet is also home to many very useful and objective online reviews from people who have used the F11 and what their experiences with it were.

In conclusion, the Polar F11 HRM is a very popular product from Polar, and with good reason. Some of the solid attributes of this heart rate monitor include its keep u fit function; great functionality and features overall; and compact size. A Polar F11 Review is useful both with finding out where the monitor can be purchased and what other athletes' experiences with it were.

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