Why Are Zumba DVDs So Popular?

by Darryl on March 23, 2010 0 Comments

Zumba is a union of International and Latin music and dance creating an exciting and dynamic fitness program. This program is beneficial for all age groups with its easy to follow fast and slow movements. Zumba DVDs are fun and easy which adds to its popularity. It is an easy way to tone your whole body. Zumba instructors use their favorite music and dance moves to create their routines.

In the 1990's, Beto Perez famous dancer and choreographer created Zumba. While growing up in Columbia, South America he became an aerobics instructor. One day he forgot the tape for his aerobics class, using the tapes that he had in his backpack he came up with a dance routine set to his favorite music. His students loved the session and asked him to create more. That is how the Zumba program came to be.

Using the rules of interval and ...

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How To Set Fitness Goals For Better Health And Weight Loss

by Darryl on March 22, 2010 0 Comments

Getting into shape is important for a number of reasons. Improving your fitness is great for losing weight as well as for enhancing your health overall. Chances are, you have tried before and not met with great success. Following are tips on how to set fitness goals and why.

When you set fitness goals, you are determining exactly what you are trying to accomplish. You can think of it like taking a road trip. If you are going to drive some place, you need to know where you want to go and how you can get there. Your fitness goals are your map for getting where you want to go.

Therefore, you first need to figure out what you want to achieve. Do you want to fit in to a specific clothing size? Do you have certain level of fitness you want such as running a set number of miles ...

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Health & Fitness News Benefits

by Darryl on March 10, 2010 0 Comments

Health and fitness news is providing valuable fitness tips to aid every person's life. Right from online news papers to television programming, Health and Fitness news is becoming more prevalent in the programming mix. With the recent Obesity and Health conscious studies being delivered and increase in focus on improving people’s living standards and creating awareness among masses.

Physical fitness and healthy living are closely connected. The secret for a long long life is widely known. Eat healthy and exercise. During our childhood most of us would have indulged in many forms of sport and taken care of our physical fitness. As we grow older and our metabolism slows, the increase is working and social pressures the tendency for us being physically active, becomes a lower priority. The constant reminder of Health and Fitness news through various mediums reminds us of our own mortality, hopefully the message may ...

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Top 10 Diet Tips to Lose Weight

by Darryl on March 8, 2010 0 Comments

Top 10 Diet Tips ~ Newsfitness.comWe get a lot of emails from our readers wanting to know the top 10 diet tips that you can add to your daily lives to help them lose weight. Most have discussed their displeasure with miracle, lose weight fast or fad diets and are looking for real solutions to help with long term weight loss. The Newsfitness.com team has come up with what we believe to be the Top 10 Diet Tips to help you achieve your Weight goals and more importantly maintain the weight loss achieved.

1.    Regular Sleep Patterns of up to 10 hours per night

It has been found in numerous studies that sleep deprivation increases the hormones in the body that craves food whilst decreasing other hormones that help to tell you when you are full. Researchers have found that people who sleep 2 – 4 hours are 73% more likely to be obese then ...

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Top 10 Exercise Facts: Important information about exercise

by Darryl on March 7, 2010 0 Comments

In need of extra energy after a tiring day of work? It could be that your body is not fit enough to take on the hectic schedule your life dictates. There is only one answer that will allow you to do everything that need to do and more each and every single day, and that is EXERCISE. Being active and keeping yourself healthy can offer you a lot of things beyond a great looking body. If you need the motivation to start an exercise program, here are some important facts that you need to know about exercise, and why you need to start moving.

1.    Frequent movement beats stress

Some people think that exercising leads to stress. On the contrary, exercise makes your body more capable to handle stressors you encounter in your day to day activities. According to Cedric Bryant, American Council on Exercise’s chief exercise psychologist said ...

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Studies conclude that Obesity and Depression Conditions are linked

by Darryl on March 5, 2010 0 Comments

Recent studies completed by Floriana S. Luppino, M.D., of the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands have provided valuable evidence of the correlation between Obesity and Clinical depression with American subjects being more conclusive than our European cousins. The association between  these two conditions was significant with adults more so then children. The next correlation between these two conditions is that developing one of these conditions, will more than likely lead to the secondary condition becoming prevalent.

Now, more than ever it is time to instill in our children healthy habits from a balanced diet right through to regular exercise that they can take into adult life. Not only will this aid their bodily growth and the regulation of their weight, recent studies have found the linkage between fit and healthy children and an increase in self confidence and an increase their academic results. This is the only ...

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Low-Fat Diet vs Low-Carb Diet reviews

by Darryl on March 2, 2010 0 Comments

With all of the dieting noise around at the moment around low Carb and Low Fat diets a lot of information has been dispensed about the benefits of these diets. But which one is better for you to lose weight? Researchers have now taken up these questions of which diet provides the better results. The answers are discussed in detail below. However what the researchers didn’t analyze is the combination of the Low carb or Low fat diet with regular exercise. I’m sure that the results would have evened out if this had been taken into account. Don’t get me wrong diet is important for managing weight with eating less produced and more natural foods and grains, however in the absence of a regular exercise program to burn those excess pounds your body then are the benefits sustainable? Maybe that will be included in the next ...

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