Pole dancing DVD review: Intimacy Spa - Essential Pole Dancing

by Darryl on June 28, 2010 0 Comments

Although the movie Striptease may be one of the things that has introduced pole dancing to the general public of this generation, it can be said that the art and dance of pole dancing has been around since the 1920s, which started with the circus acts, and then moved forward to other entertainment shows.

Contrary to common misconceptions, pole dancing is not just performed by scantily clad women on stages, but has been proven to be an excellent exercise regimen as well as self-confidence booster for women. Pole dancing DVDs such as Intimacy Spa’s Essential Pole Dancing DVD shows practitioners how to effectively infuse essential pole dancing moves into an exercise regimen that develops upper body strength and a lot of endurance.

While dancing is a huge perk that pole dancing DVDs promote, the workout that the Intimacy Spa’s Essential Pole Dancing DVD as well as other DVDs ...

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Zumba Review - A Fun Exercise Sweeping The World

by Darryl on June 27, 2010 0 Comments

Zumba is a beautiful combination of music, dance, exercise, and fun. This means that with zumba it is possible to have a beautifully sculpted figure without feeling burdened by the task because, well, the task itself is fun! When doing zumba, the people don’t seem to be exercising but partying to the upbeat music. What, then, is zumba?

Zumba is a fitness program that involves dancing to a combination of Latin and international music. It is a fun exercise that aims to tone the whole body by burning calories with dance moves. Yes, it is still workout but many who have tried it are now hooked.

How it Started

The dance workout began when its creator, Alberto "Beto" Perez, a dancer, choreographer, and aerobics instructor, forgot to bring his music for an aerobics class. Using Latin salsa and merengue music that he had on hand, he improvised on the ...

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Top 10 Abs Equipment

by Darryl on June 27, 2010 0 Comments

It is a fact that bodybuilders work hard to create great six pack abs and washboard stomachs. However utilizing one or more Abs workout equipment can lead to having great abs. This look can be achieved by anyone who could spare some time to perform exercises to tone these muscles. The key is to isolate your workout of your stomach muscles and oblique muscles and combine this exercise with a good cardio exercise routine to reduce stomach fat. The isolation of these muscles can easily be achieved through the correct use of one of many abs workout equipment.

The simplest workout equipments are the floors of the house and a mat. Really, anyone can do crunches with just these two. However, for those who wish to directly target their abs and sculpt a ripped midsection then it is recommended that one of the following Top 10 Abs Workout Equipment are ...

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Do You Have A Poledancing DVD?

by Darryl on June 18, 2010 0 Comments

Poledancing dvd have become very popular lately. Why is that? Maybe because pole dancing will potentially be in the next olympics. Or perhaps it is because many more people have been pole dancing lately, both men and women. Could it be because these people don't want others to know that they are pole dancing? Whatever the case is, pole dancing dvds have become very popular recently.

So do you have a pole dancing dvd? Pole dancing is something that is thought to have originated in circuses during the 1920s. It is thought that it started with the circus tent poles being used as props.

Pole dancing is a performance art that combines dance with gymnastics and aerobics. It was not until more recently that it evolved into the burlesque form of dance which became more acceptable in the 1950s and widely appreciated in the 1980s in both Canada and ...

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Develop Your Six Pack Abs with Abdominal Exercise Equipment

by Darryl on June 14, 2010 1 Comment

Over the years there have been many exercises that have been developed to strengthen your core. These have ranged from sit ups and leg lifts to reverse crunches. These exercises aided in tightening and developing your core and provided good results in achieving a six pack stomach. However several plyometrics and fitness experts found that the exercise was good for the core however they developed various different abs workout equipment that have enhanced the results based on completing the exercises with a similar effort to the old style.    

Maximising the results with completing the same effort has led to the abs workout equipment being popular in many households. However there is such a wide range of abs machines available and the choice of different machines can be confusing. In order to choose which equipment is best for you, it would help to get a better understanding of how the abs ...

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Why The Pole Dancing DVD Is So Common These Days

by Darryl on June 6, 2010 0 Comments

You want to feel like a woman? well, now you really can and it starts right here with the poledancing DVD. Many have seen an increase of popularity with this so you see why many women do this as their exercise routine. So, what makes it so popular?

The first reason that we have found to explain the success of those practicing this at home is due to the fact that women are taking this up more and more. Women are finding this close to a sport. So close, that this sport is being recognized as a professional sport. That's how popular it has become.

Others are taking it to a whole new level for the fact that this is becoming so popular. Due to the fact that it's a sport that so many women are taking up, they have started making poledancing into this great thing that ...

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