Choosing The Right Weight Lifting Equipment

by Darryl on September 24, 2010 0 Comments

When choosing weight lifting equipment there are numerous factors to consider. The first is your budget as this will affect what you will be able to purchase. The next is the physical space you have available in your home. You may be lucky to have a spare room to store the equipment but if not you should carefully plan where you intend to put it.

There are things to consider before you purchase the equipment. The first issue is the space you have in your home. If there is not enough room to house a Smith machine or a barbell then you may find it easier to purchase some dumbbells.

It is probably best to start with lighter plastic dumbbells and work your way up to the heavier and more expensive metal dumbbells. Some dumbbells are also adjustable, allowing you to add weights as you become more ...

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Using The Right Exercise Mats

by Darryl on September 15, 2010 0 Comments

There are many advantages of having your own Exercise Mats. A lot of them are practical, such as clearly marking out your space during a workout class. Having your own exercise mat also ensures that you know your mat has been washed and prepared for the class. If you are completing a workout in the luxury of your home, it makes sure that you will minimize any sweat stains and grime on the floor.

With some workouts, a mat is an important part of the routine. With yoga, a thin mat is used to help people maintain their balance during the standing poses. The exercise mat should aid you to keep a firm grip, helping you to keep a correct posture during the exercise.

Other workouts really need a more padded mat, especially ones that concentrate on the floor. If you do sit-ups or pilates floor exercises ...

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Zumba DVD Reviews: Dance Your Way To A Toned Body

by Darryl on September 12, 2010 0 Comments

Zumba is the workout and dance craze that is spreading around the globe like wild fire. It is fast, fun and super effective to help you achieve the fitness and toning results that you are dreaming of in quick time. There are various different Zumba DVDs that are readily available, so to find the one that will work best for you read these Zumba DVD reviews.

Zumba is an incredible exercise whichever DVD you choose to use. It utilizes a large range of your body and gets you sweating off your extra pounds at the same time that you are having a lot of fun. It is an intensive workout that has been designed to make use of the best Latin music and rhythms to help you tone up your muscles and slim down at the same time.

The Total Body Transformation DVD set is a Zumba ...

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What Are The 5 Best Six Pack Abdominal Workouts?

by Darryl on September 5, 2010 0 Comments

The most effective six pack abs exercises are those that target the right muscles in your abdominal area. Below are the top 5 best workout routines for the belly to help you achieve the chiseled abs you've always wanted. They are the bicycle, long arm crunch, reverse crunch, vertical leg crunch and the plank. Remember to complete these in sets of 3, performing 12 to 16 reps each time (except for the last exercise).

The bicycle targets the obliques and the full length of your rectus abdominis. Begin by getting on the floor and putting your hands at the back of your head. See to it that your lower back is flat against the ground. With your knees extended upwards and bent at around 45 degrees, do a pedaling motion. Your right knee should go towards your left elbow, then your left knee should go towards ...

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Take A Ride On A Spinning Bike, And Stay Healthy

by Darryl on September 4, 2010 0 Comments

The introduction of exercise bikes during the 1980s period was a great boost for the sporting arena. The spinning bike was created with the intention of offering cyclists the ability to continue their sport during the cold winter months. A regular spinning bike is inserted into a heavy solid framework of steel which provides a flexible yet strong base. The bikes are lined up side-by-side usually or can be moved across the floor of the gymnasium as necessary.

There is a big wheel in the front and a flywheel which is adjustable. This gives a pressure or tension element as needed depending on your fitness level. All adjustments can be made through turning a knob at the side. There is a connection between the large wheel and pedals, the latter containing straps to hold the feet of the cyclists in place safely. The bar of the spin bike is normally ...

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Getting The Right Abdominal Exercise Equipment: Why It Is Important

by Darryl on September 1, 2010 0 Comments

If you are looking to exercise your ab muscles, there are a lot of new abdominal exercise equipment available that can help. Determining which piece is right for you depends on your budget and preference of exercise. No matter what piece of abdominal exercise equipment that you choose the most important thing is to start working your core and completing ab exercises.

Everyone who is health and body conscious works out their abdominal muscles due to the fantastic chiseled look that can be achieved. Often women are particularly unhappy with the way they appear (ie: not the perfect hour glass shape) but that is why these abdominal exercises and abdominal exercise equipment for women are so important.

One of the keys to maintaining a healthy lower back is to keep your core strong. Many people who end up having lower back problems are based on weak abdominal muscles. When your ...

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