Ab Workouts Using a Swiss Ball to Maximise the Results

by Darryl on October 11, 2010 0 Comments

Six pack abs are desired by many different people that are trying to achieve better fitness. To get a strong core a person needs to make sure that they do a varied ab workout to activate the muscles in different ways. One of the best ways to do this would be to include Swiss ball ab workouts to their training program.

When an abdominal workout is mentioned to most people they will normally think about a crunch or sit up down on the floor. Instead of doing just one type of exercise it is important to work out the entire core region and to do that multiple exercises are required. Using a swiss, or stability, ball helps someone do many different exercises in varying positions.

The most basic movement in the ab workout is the crunch on swiss ball. This exercise works the upper ab region and ...

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The Use Of A Weight Bench To Improve Fitness Levels

by Darryl on October 7, 2010 0 Comments

A weight bench is an incredibly versatile piece of fitness equipment that is useful for doing a variety of upper body exercises. It is great for supporting the body while doing crunches, sit ups or for oblique angle push ups. Mostly it is used to focus on building muscle in the chest, shoulders and arms.

Still, the weight bench is best utilized as a support structure for those wanting to lift weights in the form of dumbbells and barbells and there are a wide variety of exercises that can be performed. Before you begin any form of exercise routine it is important that you check with your doctor to ensure that you have a clean bill of health.

Other equipment that is hand to use while exercising is a good quality kidney belt to protect your lower back and a set of leather fingerless gloves to provide ...

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The Advantages Of Using Yoga Mats For Your Class

by Darryl on October 2, 2010 0 Comments

Yoga mats are utilized for people who would like to practice yoga, an exercise routine that channels a person's energy into creative areas. These slim cushions are shaped like rectangles. They aid your yoga ritual by getting rid of slippage while you carry out various poses and movements. They can also characterize your own space as you exercise.

There are a profusion of mats that are utilized for yoga workouts. They are on average made out of cotton, although they could at times be composed out of an animal's skin. Nonetheless, most mats today are made out of synthetic materials which easily decompose and are thus eco-friendly.

The mats are usually 24 to 68 inches long. Their thickness spans from 4 to 5 mm. As should be expected, thicker, longer, and wider varieties can be found at most yoga outlets. Individuals are recommended to purchase mats that can ...

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