Shun the Gym: 4 Superb Outdoor Exercises

by Darryl on August 13, 2011 0 Comments

With the advent of gymnasiums and indoor workout equipment, very few people consider the benefits of working out or gaining fitness in fresh air under the sun anymore. However, despite the rat race of life, it is always good to try working out either in the beach or park. They say, the feel of the breeze rustling by while you sweat it out, is an experience in itself. Were you thinking of a few more reasons to work outside? Here they come.

1.    Stairs and the Jog

A classic exercise choice to tone down has been a light jog followed by stair climbing. If you get a stadium gallery then work out using the stairs by running and walking down. Do standing pushups against the park wall. The results are quick and you feel good - given the ambience of the workout area.

2.    A different Style

A popular and different ...

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