Barbell Weights: Important Equipment For Your Home Gym

by Darryl on January 8, 2012 0 Comments

A barbell is a straight or contoured steel rod of roughly one and a half meters in length. It has some weight plates at either end and they may be adjustable or fixed. These weights come in varying sets. It is used for weightlifting, weight training, power lifting which are all used in bodybuilding exercises. It is also used in competition lifting especially in the Olympics. You are most likely to find a barbell in a gym.

Barbell Weights

Using this equipment for exercises has plenty of benefits but two stands out from the rest. One is that the exercises require only a small number of inexpensive equipments. These include a simple barbell with a number weights and a bench. This is unlike the gym exercises. The simplicity means that the exercises need only a tiny room to execute and hence they can be performed at any place; in a gym, at ...

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Dumbbell Weights For Effective Toning

by Darryl on January 3, 2012 0 Comments

Dumbbell weights consist of a short bar with a metal ball or a disk on both ends. It is used for the development and toning of muscles and exercise. It has become an indispensable piece of apparatus used in gyms and also in the home. It has also become very popular to use them when focusing on the development and toning of particular muscles like the biceps and triceps.


When used often enough a dumbbell can help to tone the muscles. Toning is what results when the muscles look smoother and more defined with fat being reduced. It is important to note that toning is different to gaining muscle and requires a dumbbell that is not too heavy which will allow one to do many repetitions.

Dumbbells are an effective and versatile way to tone all the major muscle groups; these would include the triceps, biceps. Quadriceps, hamstrings and legs ...

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