Take A Ride On A Spinning Bike, And Stay Healthy

by Darryl on September 4, 2010 0 Comments

The introduction of exercise bikes during the 1980s period was a great boost for the sporting arena. The spinning bike was created with the intention of offering cyclists the ability to continue their sport during the cold winter months. A regular spinning bike is inserted into a heavy solid framework of steel which provides a flexible yet strong base. The bikes are lined up side-by-side usually or can be moved across the floor of the gymnasium as necessary.

There is a big wheel in the front and a flywheel which is adjustable. This gives a pressure or tension element as needed depending on your fitness level. All adjustments can be made through turning a knob at the side. There is a connection between the large wheel and pedals, the latter containing straps to hold the feet of the cyclists in place safely. The bar of the spin bike is normally ...

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Some Pointers On Exercise Bicycle Setup And Maintenance

by Darryl on August 30, 2010 0 Comments

Exercise bicycle setup and maintenance is not all that difficult to handle, although it does take some effort to be consistent in keeping the exercise bicycle in prime condition. This type of fitness equipment has been a popular piece for some time since it provides a good cardiovascular workout for many users.

The setup of the exercise equipment is relatively simple as the units are usually easy to fit together with the help of an instruction manual that is provided with every purchase. The only adjustments needed may be to adjust the seat and the pedals in order to ensure the right comfortable fit for the user.

The best way to go about adjusting the bike to user preference is to sit directly on the bicycle and determine the seat and pedal adjustments based on what is comfortable. Handlebars should also be adjusted according to weight, meaning ...

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Spinning Bikes: The Facts You Need To Know

by Darryl on August 22, 2010 0 Comments

When you go searching for spinning bikes, you will find that there are many sorts out there. There are recumbent, upright and many other spinning bikes detailed below.

One of the first types of exercise bikes is the recumbent bike. This bike is built for comfort. It has an digital screen and a tension system. The big thing about this product is that there are up to fifteen different exercises that you could do to meet your exercise requirements. You have many levels to choose from in terms of speed and endurance.

Another is the upright exercise bike. This too has up to fifteen different levels to do as well as the recumbent. I personally like the magnetic resistance system. If you want a spinning bike that make you feel like your ridding the real thing, then the upright exercise bike is for you. The digital functionality ...

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