Want to become a Personal Fitness Trainer? 6 Steps to help you get there.

Do you have a passion for fitness and training? Are you deemed very active by your friends? If so maybe a career in Fitness training is for you. If you have thought about it but not known how you could achieve this then the following steps may help you on your quest.

1.    Do you have the right qualities – Personal training is not just about the training aspect as you would require a lot of differing skills to be successful. Some of the skills you should have include being: a good motivator; well organized; patient and must love working with many different types of people. It is recommended that you have a healthy body to be successful.

2.    Certifications – There are many certification courses available, however are all the same? The answer is obviously no and researching by calling your local gym will help you decide which course is right for you. There are many online or distant learning courses that you will find in completing this research. Completing your certificate whether online or in a class environment will give you a good indication of your suitability for fitness training.

3.    Specialization – With any competitive market how well you can develop your skills to meet a niche will determine your success. The certificate courses offer specialization in a discipline which you can add to your impressive fitness training resume or CV.


4.    Gain work experience at your local fitness centre – A quick scan of your local paper, local online via the web or your telephone book will give you the closest fitness training centres. Call some of them and inquire as to the availability of jobs and the application procedure. If there are no jobs then enquire about gaining work experience. That way if an opening comes up then you are ready immediately to start and the local training centre knows your good qualities.

5.    Continue your Fitness Education once a job is secured – Even when you have secured a job but with all certifications or industry bodies an amount of continual training is required. This will keep you up to date with the latest techniques and equipment usage to maximise your customers experience and results.

6.    Improve your value to your clients – A successful trainer will win the hearts and minds of their students. Improving on your soft skills when dealing with people will aid you when you are motivating people to step outside of their comfort zone. If they trust and like you then they will follow your instructions no matter how much pain they are in. Keep working on the relationship building with your students and they will stay with you for the long haul. Therefore you can then look to build your business and not just replace existing clientele. Also continue your fitness education and you will be showing your studens the latest techniques to help them meet their goals.

Successfully working on the above six steps will aid you on the path to becoming a professional fitness trainer and providing your customers with the latest techniques to help them achieve their goals which in turn will help you achieve yours.