Top 10 Exercise Facts: Important information about exercise

In need of extra energy after a tiring day of work? It could be that your body is not fit enough to take on the hectic schedule your life dictates. There is only one answer that will allow you to do everything that need to do and more each and every single day, and that is EXERCISE. Being active and keeping yourself healthy can offer you a lot of things beyond a great looking body. If you need the motivation to start an exercise program, here are some important facts that you need to know about exercise, and why you need to start moving.

Exercise Fact 1. Frequent movement beats stress

Some people think that exercising leads to stress. On the contrary, exercise makes your body more capable to handle stressors you encounter in your day to day activities. According to Cedric Bryant, American Council on Exercise’s chief exercise psychologist said, “Exercise produces a relaxation response that serves as a positive distraction. Not only are you stress free, but you also become noticeably happier when you exercise.

Exercise Fact 2. Finding time for fitness is a breeze

Most complaint about fitness is that it takes a chunk out of your busy schedule. Contrary to what most people think, exercising does not really have to take a lot of your time, especially if you do it frequently.

Time management and ingenuity is the key when incorporating exercise to a hectic lifestyle. You get to exercise if you take your kids to the park or go riding bikes with them. In addition some people schedule meetings while going for a jog or when playing golf. Trudging to the gym is really not necessary as you can even do your exercise while sprinting up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Taking the stairs is pretty much the same as using the step ladder at the gym.

Exercise Fact 3. Exercises a day does keep the doctors away

According to researchers, those who exercise frequently are the ones who are often spared from heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and loss of muscle mass. Plus, it keeps you looking younger and fresh every day.

Who needs to keep using many anti-aging creams if you are fit and healthy? Nobody. If a person exercises frequently without overdoing the strenuous activity, that person will have more time to play with their kids and work rather than be stuck in bed with a cold or flu. As far as research goes, exercises have provided a positive effect on all health problems so far.

Exercise Fact 4. Exercise keeps a heart healthy

Not only does exercising keep you strong, fit, and disease free, exercise also helps keep your heart strong and healthy. Since the heart is the most important part of the body, frequent exercise keeps the heart pump regularly circulating blood everywhere and makes you look and feel much better. After a few days exercising, the heart and body adapts to the routine allowing you to feel better and breathe easier.

Exercise Fact 5. Burn more and eat more

One of the things that terrifies those who want to lose weight is that when they exercise, it would seem that they are eating more and more. The thing is, the more you exercise, the more your body requires food to help keep your energy up, plus it keeps your metabolic rate high. At this rate, if you exercise well enough, you will not feel guilty for eating a cookie that you want because you are actually burning the calories that you take it. Of course, this does not mean you can binge all day, every day, but healthy eating is still needed.

Exercise Fact 6. Weight watching is not necessary

While it is true that weight loss is one of the main reasons that people exercise, you should remember that losing weight is not the only benefit you can get out of following an exercise program. While weight loss is indeed an effect, those who exercise should remember that weight loss through exercising does not happen after a few sessions. In fact, weight loss takes a while to take effect, but the general positive effects of exercising are visible almost instantly. This is why losing weight should not be the most important goal but more like an added perk to a bigger goal.

Exercise Fact 7. Exercise is a performance booster

Just a number of frequent exercise sessions, you may be able to feel that your clothes are fitting a bit differently, and you will be able to see that your muscle tone has somewhat improved. It is through this that a number of muscles that you normally did not use before will perform better, enabling you to do your tasks better. For those who love recreational golf, pick-up basketball, or some other sport, exercise will be able to improve your overall performance and get you to play better, plus your balance will improve as well as your agility.

Exercise Fact 8. Fitness can bond people

Those who have a hard time squeezing in quality time with their partners, siblings, or friend can thank exercise as well. Exercising is always fun when you are not alone. Make your partner, sibling, or friend your exercise buddy and spend even an hour every day together with that person. Instead of meeting for lunch or dinner, meet them for a jog or aerobics. Besides, according to an expert, “For long-term weight loss, you need to have social support.”

Exercise Fact 9. Exercise your way to a bigger brain

Keeping yourself fit not only improves your body, but it also helps improve your mental functions. One of the effects of exercise is that it increases the levels of serotonin in the brain. This increase leads to improved clarity and mental function as well as improves your productivity. Research even shows that those who exercise have proven to be more productive at work than those who do not.

Exercise Fact 10. More exercise means more energy

Having 30 minutes of exercise may not seem much to people, but you may be surprised how effective a 30-minute workout can be. For a quick 30-minute exercise, people end up feeling more energized throughout the day, and even until the evening. The more a person improves his or her stamina and strength, the more he or she finds it easy to do tasks every day. Even climbing stairs and carrying groceries would seem like a simple task after 30 minutes of frequent exercise.

Whatever your reasons may be, the fact is that people do need to exercise frequently. Not only does this promote weight loss in the long run, but it also helps people perform better in their everyday activities. So keep yourself healthy and fit through exercise and a healthy diet.